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Davis Vision / Visionworks

Eye Care Plan Benefit Description


Sponsored by the New England Association Of Labor Retirees Inc., and administrated on behalf of the members covered by benefits through…………

RI ARA Member Organizations

Davis Vision / Visionworks is pleased to provide the New England Association of Labor Retirees Senior Care members and their spouse with significant discounts on frames and lenses through the Value Advantage Program.

Value Advantage Program Advantages …………


   NEALR Senior Care member, RI ARA HealthLink Wellness or a Rhode Island Alliance Retired Americans affiliated retiree chapter member & spouse.

   If you are a HealthLink Wellness member, use your HealthLink ID number. If you are not a Healthlink Wellness member, you and your spouse must each register and receive an eligibility ID number.

   To register for an ID number visit www.ri-ara.org click  Eye Care Discount or HealthLink Wellness tab and fill out the registration form and the ID # will be generated and e-mailed to you. If you have any problems, call 401-722-2770.

   Find a Davis Vision/Visionworks provider. (See links below) Call a Davis Member Service Representative at 1-800-999-5431 and explain that you wish to use the Value Advantage Program through the New England Association of Labor Retirees. Give the Customer Service representative the providers name. The representative will ask for your Members Identification Number, and will discuss payment options with you. Prepayment options include: Visa MasterCard or Discover Card. The provider will only charge you for services rendered beyond what is covered above at discounted prices.

   After you have contacted Davis Vision/Vissionworks to purchase your discounted services, you may call any of the Davis Vision/Visionworks Network Providers and explain that you have purchased eyewear through the Value Advantage Program. It’s That Simple!

   If you plan to use a Visionworks location, you will have a significant selection of frames and may receive additional savings.

  HOWEVER, if you a have problem obtaining the benefit from Davis Vision/Visionworks Customer Service,contact our Customer Service at 401-722-2770 or E-Mail: riarajap@hotmail.com let us help you to coordinate you benefit with Davis Vision.

To find a Visionworks provider click here VISIONWORKS LOCATOR or call 1-800-669-1183

   If you have any questions, or would like to locate the nearest Davis Vision network provider, please visit their website at www.davisvision.com or call Davis Vision Member Service Representative at 1-800-999-5431

•  You still need your HealthLink Wellness ID to access this benefit  •

   If you need, lost or misplaced your ID and would like us to send you a new membership card please respond to this e-mail: HealthLink Wellness Team riarajap@hotmail.com

Also ask about Contact Lenses.

Value Advantage Program pricing schedule

eyeglasses, or contact lenses)…………$150.00

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